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We’re pleased to have a growing membership of artists at all levels. Below is a list of our current members, including many well-known local artists. An asterisk afterward indicates a link to the artist’s website.

Julie Braverman
Elizabeth Breneau
Sharon Brown
Mary Callam
Gail Churchill
Elissa Dishell
Amy Gamble*
Janice Gongloff
Joyce Gottlieb
Shirley Gower
Joan Green
Nancy Hopp
Jim Karell* Ann Caldwell Kelly*

Annetta Lind**
Nora Lynch
Debbie Marvin
Lillian Mitchell
Kristine Olson
Margie Patchett*
Linda Pelowski*
Lou Ann Postma
Diane Radtke*
Meike Rapp
Lisa Richter*
James Rodriguez
Andrea Rose
Jeanne Ruzzin*

Sue Sameni
Ev Schwartz
Fran Seikaly*
Pam Siegfried
Nancy Slutsky
Jeanne Stanesa
Rose Marie Starke*
Rebecca P. Stockbridge
Betty Sylvester*
Mary Tomas
Donna Thibodeau
Pat Young

** Honorary member.